Mentorship Moments With Mike Murdock..!

Mentors are trusted teachers. Various teachers will enter and exit your life.  Many have opened the golden door to Wisdom and opportunity. This is why God sent mentors, ministers of the Gospel and parents to impart knowledge.  It is your responsibility to pursue the mentor The Holy Spirit has placed in your life. This book is a gold mine no one should be without.

What You Need To Know About Your Daily Companion…The Holy Spirit..!!

Know The Voice of The Spirit..!

THe Holy Spirit Handbook

I asked my father once, how do you know when you have found the right woman..?

He said son, “Just Know The Voice of The Spirit..!

It was the voice of the Holy Spirit that led me to my beautiful wife…Cristina..!!! God sent her to complete me, and I am glad He did..!!

There is no doubt, that I have found the Greatest Secret of the Universe—the constant presence of The Holy Spirit will satisfy you beyond your imagination.

He is who you are looking for. I know it without a doubt, I call Him, “the One who stayed..!”

Jesus is making intercession in Heaven for us today, and He assigned One who would never leave us nor forsake us, The Holy Spirit.

This is only a small portion of my personal studies. It’s not exhaustive, but I felt you’d want to get started…now..!!